- E-business Software

If you run online business you use multiple tools. Paid or free. You have accounts in different sites. Several times each day you log on to different web apps as well as run programs offline.

Just think how you would make it easier to work if you have everything in one place. One dashboard, one account. That is the idea of

Usability First

Using different applications, you have  to learn them first. Every program is different, everyone needs time to get to know it. is different. One  dashboard, unified navigation menu. was made with simple principle -  "Don't make me think" (Steve Krug).

Upcoming Apps

Frogia was founded in order to serve others, to help operate a business over the Internet. Our Members will be mapping out the directions of development of our software. It's up to you what programs will be implemented to the and what features they shall contain .

We invite you to create a free account and take advantage of free applications available Frogia ExitUp .