About  Frogia.com and its creators


We do not like to write about ourselves, we prefer to focus on the problems of others and try to solve them. However, we feel obliged to say a few words about ourselves and our project – Frogia.com – because we believe that you may be interested.

Frogia.com software was founded by two people: Peter Kasza and Paul Krzyworączka.

Peter a few years ago came up with the idea to build a tool for maiking ads that appear on websites. He called it BottomAd Pro. As the name suggests, ad appears on the bottom of the website. The program was very intuitive to use, but did not get success. There were a couple of reasons, and the most important of these was probably a slight focus on marketing from Peter.

Paul at the same time was developing in the various fields of e-business: courses, website creation, advising. He has also collaborated with several companies in making up the software.

An external observer might say that the common ground of interest of Peter and Paul was designing useful web applications.

Finally our paths crossed. I came across Peter’s BottomAd Pro . When I saw this app, I knew that we would find a common language. I contacted him. Cooperation erupted like a volcano.

We immediately began a joint project. We called it PopAd Pro. As the name suggests, it was a popup ad generator . PopAd Pro has adopted in the market and enjoyed the recognition of our customers.

But BottomAd Pro and PopAd Pro was only the beginning. The idea was bigger, more universal, flexible and functional This is how the idea came to our heads – a joint dashboard of the software, which you can now see the name Frogia.com .

We start with three applications: pop-up ads wizardcalled “Frogia PopUp” generator of ads appearing on any part of the website (“Frogia SideUp”) and pop-exit ads – under the name “Frogia ExitUp”. In the queue waiting several applications, although we can not reveal them at this time.
Simply create a free account and enjoy the software that may soon change the way you run business over the Internet

Paul Krzyworączka and Peter Kasza
The authors of Frogia.com