The mission of software has its mission. The mission is something we aspire. Dashboard was founded to meet the needs of people who want to grow their business over the Internet. For many people, the problem is access to the right tools, and their price, functionality and usability. Also important is the access to technical support and guarantee of continued development. Our software has brought to a clear goal: to help in running e-business. We will do so in a rather innovative way: all the tools will be available from a single, common control panel – Dashboard. Another feature of our software is its usefulness which takes our highest attention. The pricing model in a extremely affordable subscription.
Your software is to change your approach to e-business with the necessary tools. It has become a pleasure, not a problem. We will not rest as long as this target will not be achieved.


Originators and developers of software for business people

Paul Krzyworaczka i Peter Kasza