Single Panel to Manage

Manage all your ads in one place. You can apply the patch to your ad any time or add new ads in a few seconds.

Edit Your Ads on The Fly

Add just one line of code to your website, only once. Any change you make in your ad will automatically update on all the pages.

Advanced Campaigns

You can merge ads into a campaign. This allows you to randomly display ads and easily add more your ads to the site, without changing the code on the page

Limit Impressions

You can show different ads on different pages. You decide whether an ad will appear everywhere, or only on certain pages.

Control Over Invasiveness.

You can turn off the advertising for someone who has already seen your ad. You can also show it again after a certain time, for example - after a week.


We put at your service our technical department and the Forum. Will answer to every request within a maximum of 48 hours. We invite you to contact us.

  • Dashboard on the cloud - You don't have to install anything on your server! You gain access to a panel on each device connected to the Internet.
  • Simple advertising management - multiple ads managed in one Panel - this way you do not have to remember where they were made, not to mention the installation of a separate script for each of the websites.
  • Advanced Editing ad content, there is the "simple mode" (no HTML), or "advanced mode" (full HTML) - good if you want complete control over advertising.
  • 12 graphical templates to choose from + different color variations. You can choose an template that will best suit the style of your site. Your popup ads will not look like anything else on the Internet.
  • Stopwatch Function - advertising can itself fade off after a set period of time. The readers will see elegant stopwatch that measures time to close the ad. This will motivate them to act quickly and perform desired action.
  • Build a huge mailing list rapidly by displaying the newsletter subscription form.
  • Easy installation will allow you to instantly post ads on many websites.
  • One subscription allows you to install ads on an unlimited number of domains (sites) online.
  • Frogia SiodeUp Ads are W3C compliant, which ensures their proper display in any web browser and any operating system.
  • Advertising Statistics - Monitor the effectiveness of your advertising through the built-in statistics - both impressions and CTR.


Choose your subscription plan for Frogia SideUp:



1 month

Kup teraz

3 months

  • 12.33 zł/miesiąc
  • oszczędzasz 12%
42 zł 37
Kup teraz

6 months

  • 11.17 zł/miesiąc
  • oszczędzasz 20%
84 zł 67
Kup teraz

12 months

  • 8.92 zł/miesiąc
  • oszczędzasz 36%
168 zł 107
Kup teraz

24 months

  • 6.54 zł/miesiąc
  • oszczędzasz 53%
336 zł 157
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