Marek Makarewicz

Frogia.com in my humble opinion is the masterpiece. Until now, using pop-ups and other advertising methods was horrible. I had to look for all these scripts individually. Not all of them worked properly or were difficult to use, usually were expensive.

Frogia is brilliant in its simplicity and functionality, yet contains all the possible options to generate non-invasive and various forms of advertising. Everything is handled in one panel, and it’s ridiculously easy to use.

In addition, there is great contact with the creators of the project and reliable assistance.

Congratulations to the idea and I hope that they will make more useful scripts and marketing tools.

Marek Makarewicz MarekMakarewicz.pl
Sebastian Nowak
I’m not necessarily tech-savvy, so if I use any software, it has to be very intuitive. After logging in to the panel I was “led by the hand” in every step. The whole “procedure” took a few minutes. The software is also very configurable, including cookies (so you can control the frequency of ads). After accepting the result just paste the generated code in the right place on your website and it’s READY.
Sebastian Nowak OTOmania.pl
Paweł Landzberg
I run a website about health. I know that my own e-mail list is a goose that lays the golden eggs. That’s why I needed the best way to attract subscribers to the mailing list.

I knew from various sources that the use of popup ads can be very profitable. So I decided to implement the TotalAd System: PopAd Pro (current name: Frogia PopUp) on my website. I did it at the end of December 2010.

The results exceeded my wildest expectations! My mailing list growed more than 2 times faster! I did not have anything else to do, just paste one line of code on my website.

It is nice to look at my list, as they grow rapidly.

Paweł Landzberg bizneswnecie.pl
It’s great product! Among many similar solutions, which I tested at several of my sites, PopAdPro (actual name: Frogia PopUp) is doing much better job.

I would recommend it to anyone who runs online business.

Romek Sagan TwojBiznesOnline.pl AllegroTwojaSzansa.pl